Upcoming Events at LEC

LEC is host to many events throughout the year. Events include clinics and shows for boarders and students. Many of these are open to riders from other barns as well.

Other events include play days, potlucks, holiday rides, and demonstrations.

Show hosting and arena rental

Host your next horse show at LEC. We are open to all riding disciplines with both warm up and riding arenas available. LEC has approximately 20 stalls available for overnight stays during weekend shows and events. Single day arena rental is available as well.  Please contact the main office for availability and pricing.

Barn Cat Project

Our goal here at LEC is to do what so many farmers across this country do. That is to use cats as a means to get rid of the rodents. We use feral and semi feral cats to keep the rodent population down, so that we do not have to use poison traps. We have a variety of pests: Rats, mice, moles, rabbits, and squirrels'. The cats are not only aid in getting rid of any current pest, they are also a great deterrent for future pests looking to call LEC home.

Each cat working at LEC has been chosen by a feral cat rescue to come and work at our facility. These cats are all spayed and neutered prior to arrival. When the cats arrive at the facility they are brought directly to the barn they will be working in. The cats are then housed in the barn for several weeks to train them and allow them to adjust to their new home. Once adjusted to their new environment the cats are released into the barn full time.

We have started this go fund me account so that we can have fund raisers for the cats.

Donations are used to pay for food, medical care, and any other supplies they may need.

(safe houses, flea, and worming products, etc. )

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